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Pawsey Supercomputing Centre Annual Symposium 2015

On Wednesday 18 February, the Pawsey Supercomputing Centre will hold its all-day Annual Symposium. The Symposium will detail the Pawsey Supercomputing Centre’s plans for the coming year, as well...


iVEC@UWA is a facility of The Pawsey Supercomputing Centre, and a Centre located on the Crawley campus of The University of Western Australia. The Centre hosts staff and infrastructure centered around supercomputing, data, visualisation, collaboration and video production, and acts as an interface between UWA research staff / students and Pawsey, assisting them to access Pawsey managed infrastructure.

The Centre houses supercomputing hardware, the Fornax system which is the second supercomputer installed as part of the Pawsey Centre project, in a custom designed machine room.  It comprises of 96 nodes, each containing two 6-core Intel Xeon X5650 CPUs, an NVIDIA Tesla C2075 GPU and 72GB RAM as well as a 500TB global filesystem, in addition each node has an additional 7TB of local disk space. It also employs supercomputing, data, and operational specialists to assist researchers to fully utilise various resources managed by Pawsey.
Hardware, software and staff expertise are provided to support visualisation and virtual environments. In addition to high-end workstations, the Centre provides a number of novel visual environments, including a stereoscopic 3D presentation wall, an immersive display in the form of a hemispherical projection surface, and a high resolution tiled display. A research interest in visualisation includes novel and engaging ways of presenting and exploring data, for example holography, rapid prototyping, and displays that exploit characteristics of the human visual system. Complementing the display technologies are various innovative video and photographic capture devices along with matching software solutions. Supported are cameras for stereoscopic filming, ultra-high resolution photography, panoramic photography, and surround video acquisition. These resources find application in a range of disciplines and they are also employed to create digital resources and engaging learning environments for education and public outreach.
Collaborative tools are provided through a dedicated room configured for video conferencing along with staff to assist researchers make use of the various conferencing methods supported.
The Centre operates a video production service that includes high quality audio/video recording hardware, professional post-production software, and staff with extensive experience and expertise in the field. The service can manage the whole production pipeline by providing pre-production advice, directing, storyboarding, performing the actual filming, handle the audio and lighting requirements, and the final post-production.
The iVEC@UWA offices are located on the ground floor of the Physics building (visitor instructions), administratively it is located within the Faculty of Engineering, Computing, and Mathematics. The Centre was previously known as the Western Australia Supercomputer Program (WASP).
For further information or to arrange a meeting to discuss how the Centre may be of benefit to your research please contact the Director by email or phone (08 6488 8097). More information on Pawsey can be found on the Pawsey web site.