Video Conferencing

Video conferencing is a cost effective way to meet with remotely located collaborators. iVEC@UWA provides a dedicated room for video conferencing along with support staff to facilitiate the meeting. The main conferencing solutions including software-based systems such as SeeVogh, Zoom, Webex, VisiMeet and Skype. Hardware-based H.323 compatible conferencing is also supported. The conferencing room features two full high definition displays, a HD camera and microphones to support large group video conferences. 

For enquiries or to make a booking please email Khanh Ly, For bookings please supply the intended date/time, who the external participating site will be, and the likely number of local attendees (the room can comfortably hold 10).


- What conferencing solutions are supported?

Software-based systems such as SeeVogh, Zoom, Webex, VisiMeet, and H.323 based systems, for example: Polycom, Sony, Tandberg, Cisco, and the commodity systems such as Skype and Google+. 

- How much will it cost?

The conference facility is a service offered and supported by the Centre. Use of the facility is available at no cost to the staff and students at UWA.

- What are the hours of operation?

Every attempt will be made to accommodate and provide assistance after hours, but officially supported hours are 9am until 5pm. If you need to organise a video conference outside those hours we can provide some training on how to operate the system, of course there is increased risk if something goes wrong since the Centre staff are not there to solve the problem.

- How do I prepare for a session?

- Ensure you have the time zones calculated correctly.
- Maintain good communication with the remote sites to ensure they have the right time and venue/login information.
- If you have any documents or slides to share then email them to the facility operator a few days before the session.
- Provide the facility operator with contact details of the appropriate technical contact at the remote sites.
- Arrive at least 15 minutes earlier to become familiarised with the system and make contact with the remote participants.

- I require catering during the conference, what do I need to do?

Catering is your responsibility. If catering is required we recommend University Function Caterers (Guild Catering) located on campus. They can be contacted on +61 (08) 6488 2315 or by email: They will need the room number, it is Room G11 on the ground floor of the Physics building. The Centre does provide a basic kitchen for water, tea/coffee, microwave, fridge, and griller.

- What is the maximum capacity?

The comfortable seating capacity of the facility is 10. More can fitted into the room but not all will be in the camera view.

- Who to contact for more information?

For technical enquiries please call the facility operator Khanh Ly on +61 (08) 6488 8743

- Where is it located?

The conferencing facility is located at the iVEC@UWA Centre on the ground floor of the Physics Building in Room G11, University of Western Australia, Crawly Campus. As this is a secured area, you will need to ring the bell on the security doors at one of two entrances to the Centre. One entrance is through the main Physics foyer, the other is through the doors opposite the Reid Library ramp. Swipe card access can be arranged on request for repeat users.

- Is there parking available for visitors?

Yes, two reserved car parks are available, contact to make a booking and receive instructions.

- Are there other conferencing rooms at UWA?

Yes, there is one in the Science Library and another in the ELT1 theatre, mechanical engineering school.